Thursday, July 7, 2011

National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP)

Northwest Artistic Photography was selected as part of a small group of photographers that are photographing Spokane's historic buildings for the National Trust for Historic Preservation's (NTHP) 2012 conference being held in Spokane.

Architectural photography is one of my favorite forms of photography.  I also like to incorporate this form of photography into my weddings and portrait sessions.
Davenport Hotel
As a part of the group, I am one of four photographers shooting downtown Spokane from the rooftops.  Rooftop shoots are spectacular; the perspective lends itself to a refreshing view of our city.  Every time I'm on a new roof, I see something unique; an angle that many will never have the opportunity to see.
The images will be used to promote the 2012 conference during the 2011 NTHP conference in Buffalo, NY.  All of us have a unique style that accompanies our images, which I'm sure will make it hard for the local decision makers to make choices for the presentation.
Central United Methodist Church
My style tends to be clean, natural colors with depth; and of course, perspective controlled.  I originally planned on doing this project with my 4x5 large format camera; I have the film and even some type 54 Polaroids.  Unfortunately, I succumbed to the digital route.  Packing a studio 4x5 on rooftops would have been near impossible on a couple shoots.
Montvale Hotel
My love of film will keep me going.  I plan on doing some ground level architectural shoots this summer with the 4x5 as my tool of choice.
Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes
Some of the views throughout this project have been breathtaking.  Getting high enough to avoid the street lights and power poles allows for some of the most beautiful urban scenes I have seen in Spokane.  The cathedral towers at sunset is one of my favorites.
Steam Plant Square
Of course architectural photography for me, isn't complete, without shooting at night.  The city's buildings come to life when the sun goes down; what better time to capture the essence of a building as the designers intended.

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