Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sample Kits

This is a copy of part of the Sample kit that Northwest Artistic Photography will be offering to prospective buyers. The kit will include three 4x5 copies; one printed on Kodak Metallic Paper, one printed on Kodak Lustre Paper, and one printed on Kodak Glossy Paper. These are all high quality Kodak Endura Professional papers. This will allow customers to choose the paper type that is right for their application. Customers will also be able to see variations in water, color, and environment, due to paper choice.

Our favorite is the Kodak Metallic Paper; it allows for a higher contrast image. With its pearlescent layer, water shimmers, lights glow, and colors radiate. (Figuratively speaking, of course.) Kodak Metallic Paper is best viewed without glass. We recommend 3/16", 1/2", or 1" Gator board for mounting and hanging. When mounting the Kodak Metallic Paper under glass, you will lose some of the pearlescent feel.

Kodak Lustre Paper is a very nice all round choice. This paper looks great under all glass. If you are going to use anti-reflection glass or museum quality glass, Lustre is going to work very well.

Kodak Glossy Paper is great for showing off photos. The glossy paper works well under glass or mounted "gallery" style with Gator board for displaying.

Thanks for stopping by.

Chris Thompson, owner
Northwest Artistic Photography

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